My Hobby: Flying!!


In spite of being married to a Lufthansa pilot for many years, I didn't discover flying for myself until 1983. How I began my training, etc., you can read on my flying history page. Some of my flying adventures can be read in the Flight Logs section. In my dateline I have listed chronologically some of my more interesting flying events like competitions in which I participated.


The following listing is in German because I copied the dates from a different page and I'm too lazy to translate heehee. But you still can get an idea of my training:



22. Mai 1983


Erste Ausbildungsflug /

First lesson


Juni 1984



Erwerb PPL-B (Motorsegler) in Babenhausen, Hessen /

PPL for power glider


August 1987



Erwerb PPL-A (Motorflug) / Walldürn (EDEW)

PPL for Single Engine

Mai 1989




April 1990



Erwerb PPL-C (Segelflug) / Babenhausen, Hessen

PPL for glider planes


März 1990


F-Schlepp Berechtigung

airplane tow rating


Mai 1991


CVFR / Aschaffenburg


27. Oktober 1991


Erwerb PPL-D (Freiballon, Heißluft)

PPL for hot air balloons



September 1995 -  July 2012


Sachbearbeiterin für Luftaufsicht, RP Darmstadt

4. April 1996



Erwerb Lehrberechtigung PPL-A, B, FTC Worms

Flight instructor, PPL single engine and power glider


Juli 1996 - Mai 1997


Fluglehrerin, LGM Mannheim

Flight instructor in Mannheim, Germany


31. Oktober 1997


Erwerb CPL II, LGM Mannheim

CPL for single engine, Mannheim, Germany


Dez. 1997 - Mai 1998


Fluglehrerin, AC 77, Reichelsheim (EDFB)

Flight instructor in Reichelsheim


Juli 1998 – Nov. 1998


Fluglehrerin, FlightTeam, Mosbach - Lohrbach

Flight instructor in Mosbach, Germany


ab Mai 1999


Fluglehrerin, LSV Worms

Flight instructor in Worms, Germany


Oktober 1999



Erwerb PPL-F (Ultraleicht) / Mosbach - Lohrbach 

PPL for ultralight aircraft




Ausbildungsleiterin, LSV Worms

Head instructor in Worms


Juni 2003


Umschreibung alle Lizenzen gem. JAR-FCL

transcribed all licences to JAR-FCL (European licences)