Winter Impressions

December 2010


Ende of November and through December 2010 we experienced a snowy winter with more snow then I have ever experienced! And it last long. Usually in my area we only get wet, mushy, dirty snow.... not this year. It's powdery and WHITE, the way snow should be! I love it!


Of course it's not good if you have to drive in it......



my balcony chair....



and my balcony view









the Darmstadt Christmas market. No, the snow didn't melt, it's only been shoveled away



the view from my office (big deal)



Christmas day, Regina's balcony


and in Frank's backyard

Langstadt in Winter


The weather was great on Christmas Day 2010, even the sun came out, so I just had to go for a walk and take some photos....

my apartment, upper left

snow as far as the eye can see.....



Update: 10.03.2012