Sewing, Fashions, Handicrafts, and Costumes


Years ago I used to sew all my clothes myself. I learned how to do it mostly from my mom, who made ALL the outfits I wore in school.


This is just a small collection of some of my "creations". Some pictures were taken when I originally wore them (if available), some were taken in the present, since I hardly ever throw anything away!



Under "Fashions" are some outfits of mine of particular interest.... like "old fashioned" yet still wearable.


Under "Handicrafts" you will find some crafts I have made.


My Sewing A small sample of outfits that I sewed in the past, some of which I may still have
Dance Costumes

Here you will find some of the costumes I have either sewn myself or otherwise "created".

Fashions Just a few outfits that show the changes in fashion styles over the years. Some I have kept to this day (you never know when the style may return!).
Fasching Costumes Samples of costumes that I either made or just put together for Fasching events.
Handicrafts Not only sewing, I also tried my hand at knitting and cross-stiching.







Up-date: 05.02.2012