August 2002


Karen / Chandni's Homepage



Carsten's wife is from Mumbai, India, better known as Bombay. The got married in Mumbai on August 22, 2002. The story of their wedding and pictures can be found here.


One of Karen's talents, and something I have in common with her, is Bollywood style dancing.  Carsten and Karen have set up a dance studio in the cellar of their home where she has regular classes taught, as well as workshops in other cities.


The following links lead to various video's of her performances as well as various other video's involving family and Bollywood!

 2010, Performance in Arheilgen by Darmstadt

2005 - Performing in Frankfurt

2006 - Bollywood Diner Party

 September 2009; Shiana dances Bollywood

 November 2009, Workshop party