Portrait of My Dad


Jacque Edward Van Cleef


My dad was born on April 1, 1923 in Amsterdam, Holland and named Jacque Edward. He married my mom, Ellen Dorothy Fagan, on August 31, 1942.




1927; dad in Canada

He was a handsome dude back then!


Wedding picture

You can read up a lot about their life together in my mom's memories. In his old journal he told a lot about his life in the US Navy. My borther Bob has uploaded much of that now defunk journal to it's own homepage.

Thanks dad for the good childhood memories and for being understanding throughout the years! I inherited your Dutch stubborness (how did mom put up with it all these years!) but also your ability to be creative.


with Bob, me and Carl 1955


with Carl







as a square dance club president during our stay in Subic Bay, Philippines (1962-1965)


leaving the navy


working as a police reserve after retirement

and as a school bus driver







with mom, January 2006

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