Regina Builds a House


Begin: February 2011




Together with Sven, her new partner, Regina planned to build a house for her family. They found the ideal lot in a neighboring village and finally, in February, the first digging got started.


The pictures are chronological from bottom to top, i.e., start at the bottom of the page and continue up.


June 3

Moving day!

June 2 was a holiday and the last touches done before the movers came on June 3. Weather was perfect and everything went smoothly! On the moving day itself I don't have any pictures.... we were all too busy!

The kids arrived on Saturday and understandably excitement was high. But they were more interested in the surprises built in the back yard then they were about their rooms!

full of expectation...

don't peek!

Tamara's new "friend"


May 28



May 19


even the garden is almost finished!


May 7


kitchen is built in and the first pieces of furniture already arranged


April 7


tiles almost done.....

main bath, upstairs

kitchen area

utility room, ground floor (house has no cellar)

guest bath, ground floor

"celebration" tree....


March 29


scaffolding is off.....


March 14


February 27


February 25


living room area as viewed from the stairs

main bath room upstairs

view from childrens room to staircase

view from childrens room to back yard


February 23


Routine controls by the customs police, looking for illegal workers. All the paperwork was ok!

looking into the kitchen area

Guest WC


February 22 / the house arrives!


The workers arrived at 6:00 am and got to work. By the time I arrive, around 2:00 pm, the first floor was already standing. It was already possible to take a tour.......



the kitchen

the large window/doors leading to the back yard from the living room

proud Regina


the kids preferred the dirt outside

Regina and Sven


the "door" to the future attic

the living room


February 8



February 6




February 2










updated: 04.07.2011