May 15 - 18, 1973

Trip to Yellowstone, USA


Once again we were visiting the USA and this time we managed a trop to Yellowstone National Park. I remember being at the San Diego Airport, trying to catch a flight up to Billings, Montana, and seeing a Lufthansa plane at the terminal! Normally Lufthansa didn't fly into San Diego and I don't remember the reason it was there, but it gave Michael a chance to contact the Lufthansa agent and arrange our tickets for Montana, which he did.


At Billings we stayed with the parents of our friends, Uwe and Merry. Uwe was also a pilot for Lufthansa and Merry an American like me. They loaned us an old car for our drive and since there were no speed restrictions in Wyoming (as fast as considered "safe"), Michael of course had to see how fast it would go. I remember it swinging back and forth on it's soft suspensions.... I almost got sea-sick! lol But that ole car got us to Yellowstone and back in one piece.


We arrived at the park and asked at the main office for a cabin. Since the park had just opened there weren't too many visitors so it was no problem. We looked young and the gal at the desk "assumed" we were newly married so she gave us the honeymoon cabin! Nice!


occasionally we ran into a few "friends"




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