Our house gets built!




In 1978 our house was built. It was amazing how fast it was constructed. The main part of the house was pre-fab, which made it possible to move in within a few months of the beginning of construction.... and just before the company went bankrupt! That was a close call for us!


It was built on a 1000 qm lot. The lot was formerly an apple orchard and we managed to save 2 of the trees.


Preparing the lot for construction......


One of my dancers, Klaus Wand, and a friend of his took a chain saw to the remains of the apple trees.

this is a view from across the little rivier that runs by the house, named "Lache"

with Frau Kynast, our future neighbor

Following German tradition, we invited friends, family, and the workers to a "party" as soon as the roof beams were finished and the ceremonial tree attached.


with Michael's Uncle Heribert

The workers. If I remember right, they were from former Yugoslavia.


the finished product!






last update: 24.02.2011