14 - 16 October, 2005

It was to be a relaxing weekend trip, just me and someone special, to the quaint town of Idar-Oberstein. The town is most famous for it's gems and precious stones. I'm not a museum goer but we visited the museum there and it was quite interesting.

Due to the very foggy weather we couldn't take many pictures. But it was very interesting and hopefully we'll go there again.




If you look very careful, you can see an old tower in the fog. The ruins we visited here dated back to the times of the Celtics and the Romans.




This church was particularly interesting. As you can see, it's built completely in the rock of the hillside!



Flight over Wurzburg

Finally I had a chance for a little flight. Beginning from Reichelsheim (north of Frankfurt) the flight went toward Bavaria and then back.


no, those aren't volcanic lakes but man-made ones


the Main River