Trip to Schönbusch by Aschaffenburg

July 31, 2005

Sometimes the spontaneous ideas are the best. Regina called and mentioned that she was planning to go with the children to Schönbusch to feed the ducks... I decided to tag along.





Emely seems happy to see me










Regina's friend Anja with daughter Eileen joined us



mama and baby swans




Emely is not intersted in ducks and swans



Little Eileen and friend





keep your distance!



Schönbusch Impressions



one of the many little castles in the park














There's a great maze (Irrgarten) at the park that we used to run through with Carsten and Regina when they were small. As the sign says, it was first built in 1829


more information about the history can be found on the following site (German only, sorry)

Schloß und Park Schönbusch