Beach Party

September 16, 2005


Today was another day of perfect weather... a day crying for a jaunt in my convertible! And I got my feet wet in the ocean!


Another one of the nicest things about San Diego, another of my MUST visits, are the beaches! I especially like Mission Bay. I used to go there often with my family when I was a kid... and it's only a 20 minute drive from folks home!




This is the old entrance to the indoor swimming pool and other amusements. The pool is still there, but some of the other attractions have changed.


One of the attractions still there is the old roller coaster! It's one of the oldest in the country and is made completely of wood! I rode it often as a kid and rode it again on my last visit. I didn't this time..... yet!



The roller coaster was out of service for a long time and was almost taken down. But luckily it was completely renovated some years ago and is a MUST thing to ride!



and the surf was up!


I plan to visit the beach again before I leave.... next time perhaps with my bathing suit and other gear. I didn't even remember to bring a towel this time!


September 19, 2005

Today I went to Coronado.... and actually drove over the beautiful Coronado Bridge without getting a panic attack! It's one of the scariest bridges I know, with low guard walls and a slight slant.

Coronado is best known for the Hotel there, built around the turn of the 20th century. The movie "Some Like it Hot" with Marilin Monroe was filmed there.


as usual, the pictures don't do it justice.


I walked along the sandy beach, letting the waves swirl around my ankles then retreat back to the ocean. The waves left behind a smooth fine sand mixed with a very fine gold dust... would be nice to know if it was real gold! Here are some impressions....


looking toward Point Loma












Some real beautiful homes are to be found in Coronado... not a bad place to live I think!





Afterwards I decided to again drive to Mission Bay, taking the route through downtown San Diego. And that took me past the "Star of India" which was displayed in full sail!





this looks like a nice advertising photo for "my" car!