Borrego Desert with Kelvin and Rita

September 15, 2005


My Journalspace friend, "Fitzgerald", and his wife Rita had never been to Font's point and Palm Canyon in the Borrego Desert so we decided to go there together. After a stop in San Ysidro to buy some bread at "Dudley's" (a MUST stop), we continued over the mountains and down into the desert.

overlooking to the desert



I found the Peg Leg Monument, in honor of Peg Leg Smith, an old gold miner....tradition says you're to add 12 rocks to the pile (which we didn't do)



on the pile of rocks....


The entrance to Font's Point is a bit difficult to find if you've never been there, and I'm afraid each time that it no longer exists since it's only a "wash", a sandy stretch of road which during flash floods gets washed out. But it was still there and just as I remembered it. We had taken Fitzgerald's pick-up truck which was much better then my convertible rent-a-car.

Fitzgerald and Rita were amazed at the view... as I had expected... it's awesome!



this photo doesn't do the actual view justice... you have to SEE it



Fitzgerald saw it!



and this little guy didn't manage to get away until I caught him with my camera!




After that we went to Palm Canyon... a desert trail from a camp ground up to a hidden canyon with an oasis at the end. It was hot! But we started anyway.... only to find the paths partly washed away and at the canyon itself, the entrance was blocked by big boulders! So, we hiked the 1.5 mile trek back.... it was  still a great walk!







and we drove into the sunset........