Trip to San Diego 2005

Sept. 8

Delta 27 to Atlanta

Delta 840 to San Diego


 I arrived at the airport in plenty of time for my flight with Delta Airlines flight 27 to Atlanta with a connecting flight after a 3 hour lay over on to San Diego with flight 840. I sat way in the back, but had a window seat and the seat next to me was empty! The whole flight was comfortable but loooong. I even manage to sleep a bit.




you can just see the little bird sitting there while the big bird comes in for a landing


nose to nose traffic at Frankfurt

Weather was great most of the way and, through the joys of digital cameras, I could take as many pictures as I wanted without worrying about the film running out.

In the following picture, if you look really, you can see New York! Sorry, the quality is not so good, because it was quite hazy.



coming in for landing at Atlanta; the small photo here just doesn't do it justice


While disembarking at Atlanta with the other passengers, after about 9 hours flight time, my name got called out. Standing next to me was a uniformed gentleman from immigration! He said I was to have the privilege of being escorted by him through the immigration and customs. "Are you a VIP?" he asked. Well, being honest I said "no, not really". I had an idea why I got this special treatment, which turned out to be right. A colleague in the similar business as me who I had called on Tuesday was waiting outside the gate for me! I had only left a message on his answering machine but that was enough for him to try! So, here I am, just beginning VACATION and ending up doing business! But it was really nice talking to him and the other colleague he had brought along and exchanging views of our business.


I soon had to reboard for the 4 hour flight to San Diego. This time I sat between 2 gals in a middle seat. The flight was quite full. Still I was able to take some pictures. There were some fantastic cloud formations over Arizona but I could photograph them (the girl at the window was sleeping... why take the window seat? grrr) but over El Cajon I got some great aerial shots!