Kelvin aka Fitzgerald discovers Mt. Helix

September 13, 2005


As was planed, my online acquaintance joined me to finally "discover" Mt. Helix, one of my "must visit" places when I'm in San Diego. Now, who is "Fitzgerald"? Well he's a guy with a blog... one of the many blogs at the now defunct site "". I found out he was from my hometown, and when he wrote an entry in his journal about Mt. Solidad, I mentioned Mt. Helix, and he mentioned he'd never been up there. So, together with his wife, we had a date!!


But first, they met my folks and my home. I knew that he and my dad would hit it off right away because they are both "Navy" and Fitz was thrilled at all the Navy memories and books, etc., that my dad has collected, and Fitz deals in collecting Navy stuff!


my dad and Fitzgerald inspecting one of my dad's treasures


After tearing them away from memories lane, Fitz, his wife, and I drove up to Mt. Helix. the higher we got, the more difficulty Fitz had keeping his eyes on the road! The view is just soooo marvelous!


Fitzegerald on THE rock!


and me, too


and this is the whole view from THE rock!