My Reports / 2007



Short Visits



January 20






February 1 - 18


Trip to California,

including San Jose,

Hearst Castle



February 20


Fasching Parade in Babenhausen




February 20


Babenhausen Impressions / Old Town



March 7


A Walk in the Park with Emely; Darmstadt Herrngarten



April 8


Easter at Regina's



April 8


Carsten's daughter Shiana is born!



April 14/15


Visiting my friend

Sabine aka "Motzi"



April 19


On a business trip to Düsseldorf



April 22


with the Grandkids

at the Frankfurter zoo



May 12


Wolkenkratzerfest / Skyscraper festival in Frankfurt



May 12/13


Family get-together for Shiana's baptism



May 19



visiting the museum

and a balloon event



May 20, 24


at Aschaffenburg airfield

with Carsten & Family;

and visiting Regina



June 1 - 4


visiting my friend Lori aka Wizardress, in Holland



June 7


Visiting Heidelberg

with Carsten and family



June 11


enjoying the Oberwaldhaus park



June 13


Emely turns 2 years old!



June 26







Impressions of Darmstadt's Heinerfest



July 13


Regina's birthday



September 9


Regina and family visit Grandma



October 13


Tamara's 4th birthday;

including new pictures of Shiana



November 1-3


short trip to Braunfels and Weilburg, Germany



November 17


Babysitting Shiana



December 16 & 24


Christmas 2007;

Visits with the grandkids



Dezember 2007

Winter Impressions







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