Visiting MrScribbler

January 14, 2009


Text is from my blog entry


Today, my last day, I took another trip. If the mountain can't come to you, go to the mountain! Or, in this case, where the Ghetto meets the sea.


For those of you familiar with his entries... I went to visit our own MrScribbler!




NO, he's not behind bars, but the cliffs are now fenced in, keeping us from getting closer. The weather was perfect, the place interesting. Unfortunately, there were no cats around begging for their pictures to be taken. Well, Scribby caught me...



Yep, today's my last day. Tomorrow I leave this summer weather for the dread cold of Germany.

I didn't take that many pictures this trip, so it's been only a small selection I'm sharing with you. Tomorrow
Kashew will pick me up
and drive me to the airport. I really don't want to go....


On the drive home from Scribby's......




Waiting at the trolley stop after dropping off my rental car