Christmas 2011


December 24, 25, & 26, 2011


my tree

Tamara and Emely helped me decorate it


Christmas Eve I spent, as is "tradition, at Regina's home. Like last year, Sven's parents were also there as well as his grandmother, Anneliese.


While they were at church, the "Christkind" arrived with all the presents. Hm, it seemed that the girls were especially good this year.... ahem.


Unfortunately the flash on my camera started acting up so some of the pictures are not very good.



Carsten and kids at my home


On December 26, Germany's "second" Christmas day, Carsten came to visit me with his girls. I made my "famous" Super spahgetti, which they seemed to enjoy. Sorry the pictures are not good, but my camera has been acting up lately.


Shiana all dressed up....


playing with the magnets on the refridgerator.... which ALL the girls do when they visit




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