Emely starts School


August 9, 2011



Now it was Emely's time to start school. Unfortunately, as so often this summer, it was cold and rainy. But it was still fun to be together with the family and friends who joined us on her special day.

arriving with her mom at the church in Hergershausen.

my first time seeing her with her new glasses!

with Auntie Kimberly

and Uncle Carsten

After the church services we went to the school. There the kids were greeted by the second graders and then introduced to their teachers. There are only two first grade classes, each with only about 18 kids! Great for learning!


A buffett was set up with contributions from parents (salads, etc.). It wasn't supposed to be "opened" until the kids returned from their classes, but the parents couldn't wait and soon the best dishes were no longer available.  This part of the event was not well organised.... pity.


We then visited Emely's classroom where she proudly showed us where she sits. The school is new and modern, there are even computers in the classroom! We also checked out Tamara's classroom (3rd grade!).

with daddy

It soon started raining and we had on and off showers the whole day. We returned home where Emely unpacked all her presents and we had self-made pizza's!

Babenhäuser Zeitung, 11. August 2011

Emely !!




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