New Years Eve 2011


December 31, 2011


This year I decided to have a New Year's party at my place. I've been living in this apartment 1.5 yrs already and so I wanted to combine it with an invitation to my neighbors, as well as a few friends. I was, as usual, worried that I wouldn't have enough food or not enough people would attend, leaving me with lots of leftovers. There was no need for me to worry.... it was a very successful evening!


One interesting note... one guest, Conrad, was a neighbor I didn't know in advance (lives 2 streets away). One of my neighbors who couldn't attend asked if he could come since he'd be home all alone. I said sure, why not? When he arrived..... surprise!..... we discovered that he knew a number of my other guests! How cool is that?


My camera was having issues so the quality is not very good.....

getting prepared


hmmm, yummy

enjoying the food and the company

One of the guests brought his dog (yes, he asked permission beforehand) and I was amazed that she didn't bother Shila at all! In fact, they "checked each other out" and seemed to accept each other's existance. She was a very good dog... and little Fiona (3), my neighbor's little girl, didn't seem to bother her either, in spite of her being very active!

The left overs were minimal.... everyone enjoyed the punch I'd made and no beer or wines were opened! Some of the guests had to leave before midnight, but the last ones stayed until around 01:30 a.m.


We enjoyed the conversation, the food, the drink, and the fireworks. Thank you all for attending!


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