Regina and Sven


December 9 & 10, 2011




On Friday, December 9, I drove the 3,5 - 4 hour drive to Minden, where Sven's parents live and the wedding was to take place. On board, precious cargo..... the wedding dress!

As expected, there was quite a bit of nervousness among the various family members. Obviously there was a lot to prepare and, as usual, the fear of something going wrong.


It was also Lutz's birthday! So on top of the wedding perparations, various friends and neighbors dropped by to congradulate him and enjoy cake and coffee.


The kids, who arrived the night before with Regina and Sven, had turned the living room into a big playground.....

first playing..

...then relaxing.

Then the big day! While Regina and the girls got ready upstairs, the first guests arrived and the last preparations were getting taken care. THANK YOU Ingrid for all the arrangements and work! You were doing things non-stop.  


Sven asking his grandma for advice....

how do I look, mom?

almost ready...

ready to go....

entering the room....

The proud grandma's, who were also the witness's for the ceremony


Melitta, left, is Regina's grandmother, mother of her dad, Hans-Michael.


Annaliese is Sven's grandmother and mother of his mom, Ingrid.





updated: 14.12.2011