Regina and Sven


December 10, 2011






First we went to a local restaurant. A few of the guests got a bit delayed (the place wasn't easy to find, even with a navi) but it was worth the waiting.

Where is everyone?



After the delicious meal at a local restaurant, we all went back to the home of Lutz and Ingrid to enjoy cake, coffee, tea, and good company! There Petra and Wolfgang from nearby Eisbergen joined us. As a surprise there was even had a professional magician performing!

The day could not have been more perfect!! Thank you to all who attended and again, a special thanks to Lutz and Ingrid for all the organising!!


The next morning was time for me to say good-bye and drive home, again with the precious cargo of wedding dress and a few of the presents.


The kids took advantage of the good weather to play outdoors.






updated: 14.12.2011