Summer Kids


July / August  2011



This summer was one of the worst I have ever experienced in Germany. We had summer weather in April and May, but after that it was downhill all the way... and not only the temperatures. We had lots of cloudy weather with more rain then some areas have ever before recorded. So obviously when the sun DID shine and temps rose, you spend time outdoors!

July 27... proud dadedy with Pryasha

Tamara and Emely were on vacation with their dad in Dahme on the Ostsee and sent me this "message in a bottle"!

Such a cute idea... and I'm amazed the post actually lets it get sent through the mail.

On August 20 I stopped by Carsten's home again and the girls were having a great time in their yard and their swimming pool and slide.....

Shiana looks a bit sceptical.....

and Pryasha, too



up-date: 25.11.2011