Visiting Petra and Family, Sven's parents, and Melitta


July 1-3, 2011




On a spontenous idea I decided to drive to visit Petra and Wolfgang in Porta Westfalca. We hadn't seen each other in forever and as luck would have it, I picked a good weekend... they were available and I could come!

Short before arriving, I heard in the radio about a huge fire near their home. I managed to catch the following images of it:

as seen from the highway....

... and at their front door

and their back door


Unfortunately the weather was cold and windy during the whole time, keeping us indoors instead of going for a walk. On Sunday it was sooooo cold (11C), that we actually lit up the fireplace!

Petra busy as always.....

her comfy kitchen!

...and dining area.

On Saturday evening I managed to hop over to near-by Minden, only a 15 minute drive, and finally visit Sven's parents, Lutz and Ingrid!

I didn't take any pictures except this one, which turned out great. The visit was much fun! Lutz and Ingrid are nice folk... I like them!



On Sunday Petra and Wolfgang's son, Robert, showed up for a visit. It was also great getting a chance to see him again. Since he lives in Innsbruck, Austria, we don't get to visit often.

I'm so glad I got the idea to visit.... sometimes the short-notice ideas are the best!


On Sunday I drove a detour via Herzberg to meet up with Regina and Sven at Melitta's in Herzberg. Another nice, but much too short, visit.....

Regina showing Melitta pictures of her new house.





updated: 04.07.2011