January Kids




The year began pretty quiet. Carsten flew with his family to Mumbai, India, because Karen's mom was in intensive care. She died on January 8. A few days later, Carsten returned home with Priyasha, leaving Karen and Shiana in India for the traditional mourning period.


On January 15 I babysat Emely and Tamara ... and would you believe, I took NO pictures? On the 16th I then visited Carsten and fixed dinner for him and Priyasha. We took a short walk to a collecting place for the Christmas trees.









On January 21 Tamara once again spent the night with me.....




In my apartment there's a "hiding place".... a space behind a smaill door behind the living room couch. It was already carpeted when I moved in and also has a light. I've made it into a play space for the kids, complete with books, writing and drawing utensils, and puzzles. The kids love it!







As promised, I made a little dress for Tamara's Monchichi doll. While sitting at the sewing machine, Tamara played with her doll as well as other various stuffed animals. It was VERY interesting to hear her "conversations" with them.... I wished I had a tape recorder! It was very imaginative and perhaps an insight into her daily life, for example; her doll asking another doll to play, the other doll not having any time. Then her Monchichi was invited by a pilot doll..."the best pilot in the whole world"... to join him on a flight, complete with loopings. Afterwards, the Monchichi "reported" about it at "school".






Tamara loves to read! She found a little book in my bookcase and started reading it.... and finished it before she had to leave! At school (first grade) her teach says she reads at at 11 year old's level!







updated: 04.07.2011