A Day at the Zoo


August 8, 2012



On August 8th Regina and I finally found a date to take all 4 grandkids to a local zoo. It was our birthday present for Pryasha and Shiana. Regina's half-sister, Kimberly, joined us. We happened to pick the best day, weather wise, for the trip.... sunny, not too hot, and no rain.

The little prairie dogs were the favorite animal of all!

notice the lazy ape on the bridge?

Kimberly and Tamara


Kimberly, Emely, Shiana, Priyasha, Tamara

feeding the animals......

Priyasha at the playground... very cautious!

Priyasha wanted to ride the camel in the worst way (try telling a 3 yr. old, that sorry, minimum age is 5...pout)

Shiana found an alternative....

...and Priyasha was happy (almost)





updated: 16.08.2012