Shiana turns 5!!


Party on April 8, 2012


Easter Sunday



This year Shiana's birthday fell on Easter Sunday so it was a combination of Easter Egg hunting and party. I arrived before dinner time, then helped Karen decorate before the party guests arrived in the afternoon.


The weather had been lousy the day before, but on Sunday it was sunny enough to have some outdoor activities. The temperature was too cool for staying outdoors long. The next day, Easter Monday, was so cold and rainy that outdoor fun would not have been possible.... in fact, in some areas it even snowed again! So Shiana really lucked out!

soap bubble blowing is FUN!


proof that sprind DID arrive, in spite of the cold

awaiting the guests.....

with friend Sopie ...


and Aunt Kimberly

"Please sir, may I have some more?" -- Oliver Twist

hm, strange "presents".....








updated: 09.04.2012