St. Nikolaus Church / Stadtkirche



The main church in Babenhausen was originally Catholic, but during the Reformation became protestant. It is first mentioned in a papal letter in 1262.


During the various renovations, some of it's original decoration was removed or newly discovered. A lot of work has been done on the church in the past years making it the number one attraction in Babenhausen's Old Town.





On the front corner wall of the protestant church


you can hardly see the sun-dial engraved in the corner of the church wall


The Grave Stones


At one time the whole floor of the church was made of grave stones like those pictured below. During the big renovation they were removed and only the ones pictured below remained. The others were found at a junk yard but recovered.









The Altar Shrine

The biggest attraction is the wooden altar schrine.


This picture was taken in 2011 just before Easter and the side wings of the shrin are closed.... to be opened on Easter.



The organ and seating box




Christmas 2009



here the Count and his family sat, separated from the "common folk"



The Side Chapel / Sacristy




updated: 11.04.2011