Babenhausen Old Town

general impressions


As in previous years, I went to Babenhausen to watch the annual Fasching parade. Weather was perfect, temperatures not as cold as last year. After watching a bit, I took advantage of the good weather to walk through the old town and take some pictures.


Since the days I lived in Babenhausen and acted as a part-time tour guide, the town has really changed with many more of the old buildings being renovated. This is only a small excerpt of what this town, village, city has to offer. Officially, Babenhausen is a city, but the size of it makes it more a village.


The following 3 sketches were presented to the participants of the MondayMädchen Fashion show. On the reverse side is the sponsor: 75 Years clothing shop "Fendt & Rausch". The signature on the sketches is "Vogt".



Brechturm by night




February 20, 2007












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