Tour Guiding


Back in the 1980's I became a tour guide for Babenhausen. Most of my tours were for English guests from the local Army base (Kaserne). The historical society "Heimat und Geschichtsverein e.V." was just beginning to form but the interest on what this town had to offer was increasing.

My Tours

Mrs. Ria Fischer (far left), who was born and raised in Babenhausen and was one of the first "experts" of the towns history, trained interested people in becoming a tour guide. I took part in this workshop (3rd from left) which took place in November, 1984.

This photo was taken on a tour with American officers and their wives from the local Kaserne in September, 1988. It shows us inside the castle. In the background you can see the atrium which has very lovely Italien tile flooring. Many music concerts took place there.

This was a group of American Scouts (Pfadfinder) in September, 1984. It was taken at the market place in front of the St. Nikolaus church. On the right you can see brances from the "Luther Oak Tree" that used to be there but has since been removed. I'm in the background, second from the right, and my daughter, Regina, is in the front in her Brownie uniform.



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