From September 23-26, 2011, was the Langstadt "Kerb", a traditional village celebration which entails lots of beer drinking and partying! Especially the youth get all wrapped up in the celebraions, with a traditional "Kerb Bürsche", a doll made of straw which later, on the last evening, gets burned.


I decided to join in on Sunday for lunch, where I enjoyed a good grilled steak. Later I met up with some acquaintances at the cake and coffee place.


But the best part was having the opportunity to climb up into the church bell tower! And with the great weather we were having, it was well worth it.


The first 4 pictures were taken in 2010, the rest on the day of the "Kerb".






the city hall



my apartment building...and (the right half) my apartment!

the food and drink booths

the village youth with the "Kerb Bürsche"







up-dated: 25.09.2011