The Ronneburg


July 16, 2005


The day I visited the Ronneburg it was extremely hot and humid. I hadn't planned to visit it, but I was close by so why not. I never realized before how interesting it is!


Digital cameras are so great! I could take as many pictures as I wanted, size them, crop them, and place them here without worrying about having them developed (and waiting for ages), printed, then scanned first... or the film running out  at the most important moment.


So, here are a few impressions of this old medieval fortress located not far from where I live.










lots of old stuff in the museum...

yes, they DID have toilets back then...


The area around the fortress is very typical for this part of (central) Germany. It's a combination of open fields and forests.




More impressions can be found at the museums homepage.


April 22, 2011, Good Friday

Annual balloon event: