My Family


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Having grown up in the USA, but spending the rest of my life in Germany, I have to groups of "Family". I started this homepage in order to keep both families "up-to-date".





Under USA you will meet my American folks. This includes my parents, Van and Ellen, plus my brothers and their families. You might especially enjoy reading my mother's memories. She's over 90 years old now and didn't learn to use the computer until she was about 80! She has since been writing down her life since her childhood. My Dad, a computer freak, helped her along, including scanning many of the old pictures for adding to the stories.





I first came to Germany in June, 1969. In 1970 I married a German and I've been living here ever since.


My children, Carsten and Regina, are now grown and have their own families. Of course, as a proud mother, I have given them their own sections for you to click on.



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