USA Family Tree


With the birth of new family members, I've extend the family tree to include the them. I don't always have the dates so please send me any new data available!


Under USA you will meet my American folks. This includes my parents, Van and Ellen, plus my brothers and their families. You might especially enjoy reading my mother's memories. She's over 83 years old now and didn't learn to use the computer until she was about 80! She has since been writing down her life since her childhood. My Dad, a computer freak, helped her along, including scanning many of the old pictures for adding to the stories.


Van Cleef Family Tree

Jacque Edward Van Cleef


born April 1, 1923

in Amsterdam, Netherlands



August 31, 1942



Ellen Dorothy Fagan


born September 1, 1919 - Feb. 2012

in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA



Edward (Skipper) Thomas

born June 29, 1943

in Fall River, Mass., USA

died July 17, 1943


Robert (Bob) Edward

born May 20, 1946

 in Fall River, Mass., USA


Dorothy (Dorrie) Joan

born February 23, 1950

in Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Carl Richard

born December 3, 1952

 in New Port, Rhode Island, USA



Robert Edward



born May 20, 1946

 in Fall River, Mass., USA




Mary Virgina Bradley

June 5, 1971






James Edward



born on February 3, 1975

in San Diego, Calif.





born on February 5, 1976

in La Mesa, Calif.







Carl Richard



born December 3, 1952

in New Port, Rhode Island, USA




Cody Ryan



born June 7, 1980

in San Diego, Calif.


Carra Michelle



born on Sept. 16, 1981

in San Diego, Calif.



married Alice

November 16, 1985



born February 13, 1962


her son

Christopher Michael Crouse



born on Jan. 7, 1982

in Crown Point, Indiana


Cassandra Jaclyn



born October 5, 1987

in El Cajon, Calif.



Cassie, Chris, Carra




Carra Michelle


married Carl

September 24, 2005





Ryan Andrew



born October 17, 2004






born October 14, 2006





Cassandra Jaclyn

married Antony



Rosabella Paige

born 2010















up-date: 24.06.2015