My Reports / 2005




Family Fun 2005



Jan 29 - Feb. 2



meeting internet friends

from England and Scotland




Feb. 17 - 20


one of the friends from England who I met in Edinburgh comes for a visit





Easter visit at Regina's





Sinsheim Balloon Festival and Museum



June 13


Emely, my second granddaughter, is born



July 16


The Ronneburg;

visiting the old fortress east of Frankfurt



July 31


Trip with Regina, Tamara, and Emely

to Schönbusch by Aschaffenburg



September 8 - 27


Trip to California; visiting family;

Las Vegas (Carra's wedding)



September 11


Emely's baptism



October 14 - 16



a short romantic weekend plus a nice short flight




November 5


Karen performs in Frankfurt






Christmas with Regina and family





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